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AVA Trading Company | Attitude & Values

Conducting team work: our ceaseless effort is to circulate collective endeavors at all levels and activities within the company.

Creativity and innovation: novel and creative ideas are the basis and fundament of our job.

Punctuality and discipline: AVA Company is to honor its commitments to its customers, on time and with the highest quality possible.

Considering production quality: we believe that providing products with high quality increases efficiency and decreases production expenditures.

Making an ambiance based on mutual trust and respect: we treat our customer, employees and providers with mutual respect and trust and we know it to be vital for attaining our goals.

Genuine service to customers: we strive to obtain customers’ maximum satisfaction

Fulfillment of the employees: we believe in growth and flourishing of employees along with the development of business.

• Social responsibility
: we are responsible for the society and the environment we are living and working in.

Efficiency and effectiveness: we try to do what is considered the best and do it in the best way possible.

Utter honesty: honesty is the base of interaction and communication in AVA Company.

Ava Commodity Trading

Ava Kalay Trading Company with more than 15 years of experience and skills in the field of environmental advertising and packaging, and applying modern technical knowledge and its experienced specialists, by manufacturing, producing and designing various types of wooden stands, wire stands, injection stands, Plexiglas stands, Metal stands, cartonplast stands, hi-pack stands and cardboard stands always accompany and support manufacturers in better display and optimal sales of their products.

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  • Address: No.11, Motahhari St., Masoud Alley, below Gholhak Intersection, Dr. Shariati St., Tehran
  • 021 26400034 - 6
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