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AVA Trading Company

AVA Trading Company was Founded in 2003, AVA Company has made its best attempts to import and make wholesales on a wide range of foreign brands. It supplies raw materials for industrial units, enjoying present-day technology of the world in order to gain a major part of domestic markets with importation of high-quality products.


The AVA Trading Company designs and produces various types of plastic stands, as upright desk-top injected plastic stands. The list of the products of the AVA Company is as follows:

  • Wooden Stands
  • Metalic Stands
  • Plexi Stands
  • Wire Stand
  • Light Box
  • and ... 



Ava Commodity Trading

Ava Kalay Trading Company with more than 15 years of experience and skills in the field of environmental advertising and packaging, and applying modern technical knowledge and its experienced specialists, by manufacturing, producing and designing various types of wooden stands, wire stands, injection stands, Plexiglas stands, Metal stands, cartonplast stands, hi-pack stands and cardboard stands always accompany and support manufacturers in better display and optimal sales of their products.

Contact us

  • Address: No.11, Motahhari St., Masoud Alley, below Gholhak Intersection, Dr. Shariati St., Tehran
  • 021 26400034 - 6
  • sales@avatc.com